Indie Spotlight: Ben Galley

This guy's an r/fantasy regular, a major presence in the indie publishing scene, and clearly knows how to run a one man business. I don't need to waste time, so let's get into it. AB: Ben, may I call you Ben? Let’s go with that. Welcome, and please, have a seat. It’s lovely to have... Continue Reading →

Indie Spotlight: Dyrk Ashton

I contacted Dyrk some months ago, but he was extremely busy with his whole golden Hollywood thing, so I had to wait. Flash forward to last week, and I ring ringed him up (an email, it's not 1985 anymore). After doing a couple interviews with members of the now infamous Sigil Independent, the hardest indie... Continue Reading →

Indie Spotlight: Eli Freysson

Eli Freysson is a regular on the r/fantasy community. He's written several books, with interesting takes on traditional tropes. From Iceland, with a unique perspective/take on fantasy, he's one of several indie authors whose works piqued my interest. Enjoy the interview. BAWK! AB: Hello, Eli! Thank you for agreeing to do this interview! I appreciate... Continue Reading →

Indie Spotlight: Aaron C. Cross

Aaron C. Cross reached out to me recently. While fantasy and science-fiction are my general coverage, my love of thrillers, Metal Gear Solid, and nanomachine memes brought his work to my attention. Silly, completely inane, these are the kind of stories I wrote/write when I need to make fun of myself. Cross's novels are fast... Continue Reading →

Indie Spotlight: K.S. Villoso

Continuing my indie spotlight of r/fantasy, the following author is a local favorite and one I wanted to interview for quite some time. K.S. Villoso is a seasoned indie writer with a full blown trilogy, another in the making, and a standalone on the horizon. Her unique approach to character-driven epic fantasy and personal background... Continue Reading →

Indie Spotlight: Andrew Rowe

Continuing my spotlight of r/fantasy resident writers and well known indie authors in a particular sphere of the fantasy scene, my next guest is an interesting fellow. Andrew Rowe is the author of the War of Broken Mirror series and his relatively popular new series, Arcane Ascension, starting with Sufficiently Advanced Magic. Rowe's approach to... Continue Reading →

Interview/Indie Spotlight: Darrell Drake

This is my first interview in a while, and it's one I've been looking forward to. Darrell Drake is a resident writer/contributor of the r/fantasy community and a self-published author. He's the type of author with the kind professionalism I like in the indie scene: good cover product, clean edits, and a unique setting/selling point.... Continue Reading →

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