Indie Spotlight: Aaron C. Cross

Aaron C. Cross reached out to me recently. While fantasy and science-fiction are my general coverage, my love of thrillers, Metal Gear Solid, and nanomachine memes brought his work to my attention. Silly, completely inane, these are the kind of stories I wrote/write when I need to make fun of myself. Cross's novels are fast... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Josiah Bancroft

This interview is for the r/fantasy regulars, contributors, and those who were along the way for Josiah's journey from the days of self-publishing to "Look, Mum, I'm an author now, for real!" vindication years later. Josiah Bancroft recently debuted his self-published, now officially published, Senlin Ascends, a novel that harkens back to the days of... Continue Reading →

Late Review: Kings of the Wyld

Recommended for: lovers of parodies, Hangover fans, Dad bod enthusiasts, Owlbear hunters, those looking for a dark but genuinely heartwarming, gritty fantasy. For those about to rock we salute you sums up the entirety of my mixed feelings on Nicholas Eames’ seminal debut, Kings of the Wyld. I’ve said it before and I will say... Continue Reading →

Indie Spotlight: K.S. Villoso

Continuing my indie spotlight of r/fantasy, the following author is a local favorite and one I wanted to interview for quite some time. K.S. Villoso is a seasoned indie writer with a full blown trilogy, another in the making, and a standalone on the horizon. Her unique approach to character-driven epic fantasy and personal background... Continue Reading →

Indie Spotlight: Andrew Rowe

Continuing my spotlight of r/fantasy resident writers and well known indie authors in a particular sphere of the fantasy scene, my next guest is an interesting fellow. Andrew Rowe is the author of the War of Broken Mirror series and his relatively popular new series, Arcane Ascension, starting with Sufficiently Advanced Magic. Rowe's approach to... Continue Reading →

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