About Al-Bawk the Undying


It’s pizza night once again. All the gulls have gathered round the garbage bin along the beach, the firecrakers are sparkling in some foreign summer heat. They’re waiting to fight, to get a piece of that last bread crust. With eyes gleaming in the dark, a particularly strange looking chicken moves through their ranks. Al-Bawk, they call him. He comes to regale the gulls with tales of human stupidity and tragedy. As the fire on the dumpster dump beach crackles, he gathers his cousins around the sand. “Come, little gulls,” he squawks with that particular cluck and confident caw. The gulls draw close, the pizza flows, and Al-Bawk reminiscences of a time before the Sons of Bawkis rose, when the world was young, and the seagull clans fought the lizard people in the days of high adventure…

If you’re looking for Al-Bawk’s personal site, you can find it here.

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